Helping Families In Crisis For Over 20 Years
Bethel City Cathedral’s sister organization, Bethel Fellowship Trust, has been helping families in crisis for over 20 years.

During the event of a natural disaster, a team is sent out on behalf of BFT to assess the damage and prioritize the needs of the affected families.
          • We provide basic necessities such as mattresses, cooking utensils, personal hygiene kits, and other essentials to help families back on their              feet.

          • Following every crisis, BFT is there, running different feeding camps and day care centers to help parents overcome shock and assist them as              they   work on getting their lives back to normal.

         • During a crisis, over five hundred children are fed daily for up to twenty-one days. Depending on the need, BFT also sets up children care             homes for   those who may have lost father, mother, or both during the disaster.

With the help of generous contributions from international partners we have been able to help many families rebuild their homes. We stand at over 100 homes and counting.
In the event of a natural disaster or calamity you can partner with us to bring hope and comfort to families and individuals affected.
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For more information on how to get involved

Contact us at 91-422-252-2885 or info@bethelcitycathedral.com.