Have you ever counted the amount of time your children spend doing something?

As parents we count the time spent in many areas of our children’s lives: practicing the piano, watching TV, playing video games, and exercising … all areas where we count by minutes and hours.

Church attendance by many studies is critical in a child’s development. Okay, forget the studies. Just ask parents. Adults who grew up going to church, maybe took a break in early adulthood know, God has something to say about how we live our lives. Parents know it’s their responsibility to teach this to their kids but they know they need some help too.

What to expect your first time at Bethel City…

Parents need to be refilled for the week. They need 120 minutes to concentrate on what the Lord has to say about how they live. They need time to worship Him and they want their children to do the same thing. Ministry for all children ages 4 -13 years takes place during all weekend services.

What we teach…

Bethel City offers the young children a unique way to experience God in their own style. The kids have their own worship service geared towards them.With interactive games and study plans to get the children to learn about God and his plans for their lives in an interesting way. The children’s church takes place during all the main services on Sunday morning. The children are also taught to express their God given abilities through drama, arts and singing. Bring your kids and allow them to experience God in a whole new fresh way.

What to expect…

Large Group Worship
When we say correct things about God and tell Him how much we love Him that means we are worshiping in spirit and truth. That makes God happy. We love when children sing loud and dance when they worship. We also love when they close their eyes and lift their hands and sing quietly. Both please the Lord and both forms of worship point to Jesus Christ as the King.

Large Group Teaching
We believe the Word of God should be taught boldly and correctly. Each week upfront teachers open their Bibles and teach with authority in a manner that children can understand. Children learn in several different ways. We incorporate all we know about how children learn into how we teach the truth of Scripture. We believe strongly that children should never be bored with the Bible. We work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.
If you have questions about our Children's Ministry, speak with a ministry leader during weekend services or contact a Children's Ministry Staff Worker.

Looking to serve?

We schedule volunteers to work for Christ each weekend. To find out where you can show the love of Jesus to the children who attend Bethel City Cathedral contact us